Saturday 15th The Medieval Day

Saturday sees out traditional Charter Market in the Market Place and Best of Faversham in Preston Street. Our town centre is full of stalls!
The Festival has a strong medieval theme with stalls and events in the Parish Church, St Mary of Charity, the Abbey Physic Community Garden and of the QE field where there is medieval archery and a food encampment with demonstrations.

Beer Dispensary
Forager’s Cordials
Godmersham Game
Kent Collection (charcuterie)
Plastic Free Faversham
Riverford Organic East Kent
Saucy Goose
Sweet Nostalgia
The Meat & Potato Company
Tiddly Pomme
Tina’s Tasty Tucker

 and in St Mary of Charity

Martello Cakes
Faversham Food Bank
Plastic Free Faversham

and The Great St Mary of Charity Pudding Tasting

In the Market Place and back and forth to the medieval camp and the archery competition: Devil Stick Peat.


St Mary of Charity 10:00 – 16:00

St Mary of Charity will be the venue for The Great St Mary of Charity Pudding Tasting Club offering visitors a ‘taster sample’ of three different homemade puddings like mother used to make for £4, all proceeds to the church restoration fund.  The pudding tasting opens at 14:00 and runs until 16:00 – or until the puddings run out.

The church cafe will also be running, plus stall in the church for local craft groups and individuals.

The church also hosts The Faversham Raised Pie Competition open to all comers, professional chefs and amateurs alike. The raised pie is a great British culinary tradition – one to be celebrated. As the Old Foodie explains:  a “great, and very old, tradition might be preserved”; “they are great fun to make”; and they “are an absolutely delicious experience”
Deliver pies to the Church between 10:00 and 11:30, results at 15:00 in the church. 

Abbey Community Physic Garden

The Ale Trail visits the Garden which is open from 09:00 to 16:00.

There will be medieval pottage served at lunchtime. Pottage was a common dish in the Middle Ages, a thick soup  – the name comes from Old French and means the contents of a pot.

The popular Teddy Bears’ Picnic starts at 12:30. Teddy Bears’ Picnic sponsored by Tesco, all proceeds to the Abbey Physic Community Garden. £3 per ticket, bring your teddy. Tickets on sale from the customer service desk in Tesco from 6th September.

JavaJam will be playing Jazz in the Physic Garden from 14:00

Medieval Encampment and Archery 

The Hartleys Companie will be completing their Commission of Array for
archers from Kent at the town of Faversham on Saturday 15th of September
at 11:30 and 15:30 on the QE school field.

Each Archer will have to show their suitability to join the Hartly retinue and
in particular their accuracy at loosing a bow and hitting targets at different
distances, their willingness and mental stamina to face & kill the enemy, plus their skills and ability to provide game for the Companie. This will be achieved through a number of competitive archery tests in the presence of the Lords and Ladies of Hartleys Companie and the esteemed Masters, Ladies, Gentlemen and Worthy Townsfolk of Faversham.

18:30 Faversham Creek Hotel 

Presentation to this year’s Faversham Food Hero by our MP Helen Whately