Photographic Competition


The Faversham Food Festival has invited the Faversham and District Camera Club to work with us to hold a Festival Photographic Competition, Tesco has kindly agreed to provide the prizes.

There are three classes:

Under 18

18 and older

Members of the FDCC

There are no charges for entry.

Rules for competition

All images must have been taken at the Faversham Food Festival. 15th September – 17th September

Register on the Faversham Food Festival & Food Photography   Facebook page.

Each entrant may enter up to a maximum of 3 images

Each entry must clearly include the entrant’s Name and image title. Also their age group.

For Example = John smith – Fish & Chips – Adult
= Megan smith – Pizza – Junior

(Under 18 years old, people up to the age of 17 year and 364 days old, or 18 year old and over.)

Faversham & District camera club members are allowed to enter the competition, but will be judged in a Third category. Example Below.
John Smith – Fish pie – FDCC

Copyright will remain with the photographer but the right to use for promotional purposes on a not-for-profit basis will be granted to the Festival organizers

Any and all contact with the entrant will be via FB

Closing date for the competition will be midnight on the 24th September 2017

The images in the three sections will be viewed and judged by the Faversham & District Camera Club who will then designate the winners in each section.

The presentation night when the winners will be announced is Monday 16th October, 19:00-21:00 in the Fleur Hall, Gatefield Lane

The  winning photographs will be “displayed” permanently, with the photographer’s name, in a gallery on the Faversham Food Festival Website