Friday 14th Fish Night from High Tide 

High Tide is at 16:40 when ‘Louise’, Hollowshore Fisheries‘ Trawler, will dock by the Swing Bridge to sell the day’s catch.

Bluey of  Hollowshore Fisheries was our Faversham Food Hero in 2016 

Faversham Mayor Trevor Abram will welcome ‘Louise’ to the town – only once a year does the boat come in.

From 18:00 Hollowshore Fisheries will be selling barbecued fish and Mark will have fresh oysters for sale. 

There will be music from Lowering the Tone and JavaJam 

In Faversham, we are very proud of our oysters. “The Lees Court Oysters are considered to be some of the best Oysters in the world for their consistency, taste, and purity.”  Read More Here.

Food and drink stalls

Beer Dispensary
Faversham Creek Hotel
Hollowshore Fisheries
Lees Court Oysters
Lilia’s Kitchen~
Pies the Limit
Saucy Goose
Sea Cadets Burgers

22:00 Close